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Fox 50/100/200

The Fox series are high performing spreaders. They are the best choice, under normal load productions. Every detail has been carefully designed to make the operator feel comfortable: the design is modern and ergonomic and the cradle turret is with single solid PVC belt (not parallel stripes), which guarantees perfect and even grip throughout the fabric width.

Electronically controlled “dancer bar” and encoder for “tension free” spreading and without end-catchers. Thanks to the use of a motorized helical shaft, Morgan Fox can not only spread fabric from roll, but also folded knitted fabrics, with very high quality. All actions are electrically and digitally controlled, with the ability to redefine functions, each user creates and manages various profiles optimized for personal needs and types of materials.

Maximum reliability and maintenance are facilitated by auto-diagnosis system and WiFi connection for remote support, directly on board. The Fox is also prepared to interface with MD COP and MD Analytics, to get automatic programming by remote and to feed-back final data of consumption and times.