StyleCAD - Pattern Design, Grading & Marking System

Tru-Pattern Technology™

Our customer survey has revealed 30%-50% productivity improvement. The design concept was based on the ease of use and efficiency. Therefore, typical user training required is less than 50% compared to other CAD systems. Life Size pattern making is made possible by the monitor calibration feature and provides the user with the realistic manual pattern making feel. StyleCAD is packed with automatic and sophisticated features that can be trusted and relied upon for highest quality.


Well designed short-cut keys and patented QuickStep feature save 40% of time. Best curve quality in the industry and the most powerful drafting tools including various Guide Lines, Parallel Line tool, Trace tool, Trim/Extend tool and Curve drawing/blending tool. Automatic Seam tool, Facing tool, and Cut/Stretch tool work on multiple patterns and are very convenient. Dart, Dart Transfer, Ruffle/Shirring, Pleat tool are easy to use and accurate. Curve Blending tool is simply the best and can simulate manual drafting process.

Control-C/V copies patterns, curves, grading data, text, symbols etc with extreme ease. Snap feature supports 4 levels (Point, Intersection, Outline, Grid) and it aids in accurate selection and movement. Original Pattern feature shows snapshot copy of the pattern to help verify modification. Photos, pattern images, sketch files and voice recording may be saved to style and e-mailed within the program. Reports produce images, pattern data and pattern spec data in various formats including Excel spreadsheet.

Beginners will find context sensitive right mouse menus and help videos extremely helpful.

Variety of grading methods are supported:

StyleCAD Marker

StyleCAD can handle any type of fabric and lay-down methods. In addition to simple drag and sliding, pieces can be inserted into holes and manually placed.


Simply enter the utilization goal (%) and time and the Automarker produces markers exceeding 80% in a matter or few minutes saving enormous time and effort.

StyleCAD 3D

StyleCAD offers a high-performance, state-of-the-art pattern design and grading application. Together with Browzwear, StyleCAD provides flexibility and ease, giving pattern makers more time to concentrate on their real business. Now StyleCAD offers to you seamless integration with Browzware Vsticher. The StyleCAD VStitcher Plugin automatically converts native files from Gerber, Lectra, and Optitex so users can open and use them within VStitcher.

File Compatibility

StyleCAD supports most of the commonly used file formats. DXF, AAMA, HP/GL, DM/PL, IBA/VET(Lectra), PCE/MOD/ZIP & Cut File(Gerber), PAD and Yuka file support makes file exchange with other CAD systems much more flexible.

StyleCad Videos

StyleCAD 2D/3D Integration

StyleCAD PDS V11 - Grading Long Blouse

StyleCAD - Marker Making Part 1