Reference letters of customers


“Dear Mr. Kafandaris,

Herewith we would like to express our satisfaction with our collaboration during the last 2 years.

The software bought from “Tex-Technika” Ltd. and the corresponding equipment for making and printing markers and lays help to cover seamlessly and qualitatively the cutting process, aimed to the targets of our production. During the 2-year period of usage we receive fast and professional services and routine maintenance of the equipment within and out of the warranty period.

On the basis of the experience with your company and the excellent evaluation of the granted services and the used machines, we consider to extend our commercial collaboration through the growth of the product list of the Lectra brand and the accompanying equipment.

We recommend with a pleasure your company to all partners, with whom we work in the field of the production of ready-made garments. “Tex-Technika”Ltd. is an example of European level and quality of the commercial and consulting activities in our branch.


V. Vassileva,


"Dear Mr. Kafandaris,

We would like to express our personal and partner's gratitude for the professionally job, effected by you.

The company “Tex-Technika”Ltd. is a main partner of “Dows Energy”Ltd. From 2006 to 2008 the company has projected, built and equipped an apparel factory for the needs of our manufacturing.

In 2009 “Tex-Technika” Ltd. supplied for “Dows Energy”Ltd. a CAD system Lectra, composed by an ALYS 30 plotter, digitizer and 2 WS DIAMINO/MODARIS. With great satisfaction we would like to stress that the warranty service of the installed equipment is on a very high level. The training of the operators is excellent that contributed to the quick integration of the CAD system into out production. A big advantage for us is also the possibility for permanent consulting by the experts who work at “Tex-Technika” Ltd.

For me, as a representative of “Dows Energy” Ltd., is a pleasure to work with you. I also recommend you as a partner to other companies, who look for loyalty and quality.

Truly yous,

Evtimius Hadjivasiliu,

HaVeP Impex d.o.o.e.l.

“In November 2007 we bought from your company a Lectra plotter ALYS 30. We got it in a very short period of time and under the previously agreed contract it was installed and started up. For the volume of our work the plotter used to work all the time without stopping, excluding the yearly holidays. Besides, we have not have any problems with its functioning. After the end of this year the regular service was granted and we continue our job.

We have to underline that we are very satisfied with the service. In the past, it was covering the old Ivestronica Sistemas plotter JOKER 1800 very successfully, as well.

The service was granted inside the possible minimum period of time, within 24 h after our request.

We expect to have our successful collaboration in the future and we recommend you as a very professional, solid and reliable partner.

S. Trpchevski,


“Dear Mr. Kafandaris,

We have the pleasure to express our personal and partner's gratitude for the job, professionally done by you.

The company “Tex-Technika” Ltd. is a strategic partner for “CTI” Ltd. It is entrusted for the administration and the maintenance of the CAD system, installed at the company - fundamental unit for the proper functioning of the whole production.

„Tex – Technika” Ltd. has delivered new equipment for our company twice, in 2006 and 2009. All agreed conditions were met, the equipment was delivered on time, installed and integrated into the overall production cycle. With great satisfaction I note that the warranty and post-warranty service of the installed equipment is very high.

For me, as a representative of "CTI" Ltd., it is a real pleasure to work with you. Considering the above mentioned facts I will recommend you as a partner to other companies who are seeking quality products.

Yours sincerely.

Mono Monov,
Executive Director”